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Patrick - Science - First Blog Post

My brother, who is a former national finalist, challenged me to get to this point.  I was only six years old when he competed in Washington D.C., but I remember all of the excitement.  My brother and I compete in lots of things like sports, video games, and grades, and I accepted his challenge.

Making the video was hard for me because I had so many ideas to try to squeeze into a very little amount of time.  Trying to make the video creative was also a struggle but I figured it out.

Because thousands of students enter projects, I knew that my chances of winning were pretty low.  Now I get to develop my science ideas with feedback from a 3M scientist mentor.  My plan is to save most of the money for college and use some for personal wants like a new bat and golf clubs.

My family, cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents are very excited for me.

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