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Patrick - Week 2

Summer is the season for hanging out all day with my friends and playing my favorite sports, but with the record-high temperatures we've had this summer, I don't mind taking time just to sit and relax and watch things happen.  This week my homework was to reflect on my possible solutions to problems I've observed or researched.  This is my favorite part of every project I've worked on.  After meeting Dr. Deloney Langer-Anderson (Dr. Del)  on the phone, I discovered that brainstorming new solutions to problems is what makes her job so great.  I am very fortunate to be paired with a scientist who is not only extremely knowledgeable (PhD in Chemistry) but cheerful, encouraging, and patient.

There are so many mistakes people make with OTC drugs that there's quite a bit of research available.  I stumbled into the research last year when I wanted to know how small the font can legally be on a bottle of OTC medicine.

I don't think anything motivates 3M scientists to solve problems any more than a professional baseball player needs motivation to play ball.  I think keen observation skills fuel a 3M scientist to believe "there's got to be a better way" and a very wide background and open mind allows them to find creative solutions.

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