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Naren - Third Blog Post

Hey everyone!  This week has been strenuous and engaging.  I can say that choosing the one idea that I'm going to present and stick with is very agonizing. You feel as if once you choose this idea, there's no going back if suddenly something better comes into your head. However, after looking at all of my ideas and judging them on creativity, novelty, how well I could present it and if I could explain it scientifically, I believe I have narrowed them down to the best idea.  I've set goals for this project that may seem rather impossible to achieve, but with confidence, dedication and perseverance, I believe I can create this amazing innovation along with my mentor.

Access to a 3M scientist has truly been a great experience so far! Dr. Eberman has given me very helpful tips. He has taught me techniques of doing things and what vision I should be aiming at. I believe that we can both accomplish a great deal of innovation and creativity on this project.

I believe what I have accomplished so far has been wonderful! All of my ideas have the potential to make a big impact in the world using everyday science. I feel like I'm being entirely exposed to the scientific process so far! Things have been great and I can't wait to do more. I've really loved learning more about my project and doing extensive research to understand it on a very simple level.

After all, like Einstein says: "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

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