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Naren - Second Blog Post!

Wow, I can't believe it has only been about a week since the kick-off webinar! Getting to really immerse myself in the scientific-process of creating an innovation has been a tremendous experience! I've really seen what lengths these 3M scientists have to go to innovate such spectacular products and tools. Their hard work is certainly an inspiration for me and probably for the rest of the finalists. I believe the thing that motivates 3M scientists is their passion and drive to create life-changing products that revolutionize the way we do things. I certainly commend them for their hard work! After all, it is said that there is always a 3M product within 15 feet of you!

The sealing paper for my windows, since my house is getting re-painted.

When it came to coming up with new ideas, I found coming up with eight good ideas was the hardest. I spent hours in my room pondering over numerous things looking to see a possible idea. Once I finally accumulated eight ideas, it became much easier! Narrowing my eight ideas was a fairly simple process. My basic criteria was that it should be genuinely creative, incorporate a 3M technology efficiently and creatively, and it should be able to communicate a scientific aspect to it.  Using this, I was able to judge which ones had potential to stand out.

I also can't wait to start working with my mentor, Dr. Kevin Eberman! It was great talking to him on the phone. He was genuinely interested in my idea and was enthusiastic to work with me. I am very eager to start working with him!

Like everyone else, I love the new camera/projector Discovery Education and 3M sent me. I find it amazing that it can also project flawless 720p images onto common household walls!

A video i took earlier for fun!

So far, things have been great in my scientific innovation process! I hope it's the same for the other finalists!

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