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Gabriel - Availability and Motivation

I’ve realized scientific research was much more difficult before the Internet.

Every day we make groundbreaking discoveries and innovations, some of which further our availability to gather information. Yet sometimes, people resort to more conventional means of discovery like I have in looking for problems to solve in my inventing process.  When I’m looking for problems to solve, I rely on family members who have issues like sleep apnea or disconnected IV’s.

Once I know the problem I want to solve, I find the Internet to be a great way to do research.  For example, when I made my invention this year I knew I needed a magnetic fluid and after searching I found a what I needed, ferrofluid, easily.

Recently my mentor and I had a conference over the phone and we discussed invention materials. Again the Internet, being so flexible and accessible, made the possibilities endless. I really think this is proving that science has revolutionized today.

Right now, though, I am still in the offline problem identification process.  I have discussed three problems with my mentor, which I will be narrowing down to one this week.  Then I will start my Internet research.

I think what motivates 3M scientists to invent and improve is a drive and a passion for making their mark.  I hope I have the same drive and passion as I start my research and am glad I get to do it in the age of the Internet where so much information is available to me.

It was great  to get started with my mentor, and I want to thank him for his time.

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