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Deepika - YSC Week 2: Finding the Problem

Hello Science Enthusiasts!

As we begin week two of the summer mentorship program, I have diligently been working on my project. As any good scientists would do, I have decided that the best way to begin would be to follow the hallowed steps of the scientific method. This process of observing, researching, hypothesizing, experimenting, and concluding has led many great scientists to success and I am confident that with these rules by my side, I can confront any scientific challenge.

The first step in any scientific procedure is to ask a question or pose a problem. I started by observing the different challenges that affect our world today. Then I researched more about those issues and came up with different ideas on how to solve them. For me narrowing these thoughts to three was a fairly difficult task because I have so many ideas that I would love to implement.

First I wrote down all my ideas on a blank sheet of paper. I then crossed out all concepts that would only affect a small number of individuals and those that were impossible to achieve in the next two months. I used the experiences I gained during my summer travels around the world to help me understand the pressing problems facing society. Finally, I was left with three ideas that could have an enormous impact on society and could be tested and proven before the event in October.

Along with narrowing down my ideas, I was also browsing 3M’s enormous variety of products this past week. I started to wonder what inspires 3M scientists to create these ingenious inventions. I believe that 3M scientists are motivated by the satisfaction of knowing they are making a difference in the world. I am sure there is also a sense of joy in combining creativity and curiosity to develop a new product that can help people with their everyday lives. Most of all, I think it is the fascination and passion for science that 3M innovators have which drives them to succeed.



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