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Working with my 3M Scientist Mentor, Dr. Hager, has been great. It’s been very easy to talk to him, he’s VERY knowledgeable about so many things, he’s helpful, and he even laughs at my bad jokes! I’m having a lot of fun collaborating with him. If I start an engineering company one of these days, Dr. Hager would be the first person I would try to hire (although getting him away from 3M would be hard – he’s stuck to that company like a strong polymeric resin).

I’m in the process of creating a master plan for improving the travois and investigating ways to make it strong, inexpensive, durable, and useful to the people of Africa. I spent about two hours brainstorming and eating M&Ms and finally came up with a huge list of things to do, all written on a 3M Post-It Easel Pad. (My mom keeps these handy for our homeschool projects). Kinda ironic! (See my video below.)

I've got a lot of researching, stress testing, composite making, and long hours of hard work ahead of me. Welcome to the life of a scientist, I guess. Well, scientists don't eat piles of M&Ms while working on tough problems. Or do they?
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