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Hello everyone! I'd like to thank 3M and Discovery Education for having me in the Young Scientist Challenge. I'm happy to be in the top ten, and excited to get started on my innovation.

My interest in science was sparked by a great deal of factors. My parents definitely had a hand in my love for science. Being a doctor, my mother has taught me so much about medicine and biology. My dad is an engineer, so he gave me a ton of knowledge about crafting, building and inventing. The knowledge I have gained from my parents has served as a foundation for my invention. My teachers gave me endless opportunities to explore the world of science. Finally, as a child, I was extraordinarily curious. Exploring the scientific world around me was a way for me to satisfy my curiosity.

Making the video was amusing and fun, yet incredibly tedious. I filmed it over a month, but I have been working on my project for a long time. I practiced my lines for what seemed like ages, but it paid off.

I tried to relax during the wait. I didn't think about the competition, because I was so worried about getting in. When I got the call, I was elated. I tried not to show emotion, but I could tell that my parents were beyond words (in happiness).

I'm really excited to work on my project. Currently, I'm in the AwesomeMath summer program, located at Cornell University. For three weeks, I've studied math, which is the "language" of science. It's been fun here, but I can't wait to get out and start on my innovation. I'm looking forward to the final event in October. Once again, I'd like to thank 3M and DE for having me in YSC. Good luck to the other contestants!

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