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Hi everyone! I’m really excited about being chosen as one of the top ten finalists for the Young Scientist Challenge, and I look forward to working on my innovation with the guidance of my mentor. I’ll be posting about my experience over the next three months.

My interest for science and science research developed during elementary school, where teachers presented us students with the most interesting and intriguing aspects of each subject (basic chemistry, basic physics, et cetera).  As the years passed, the science curriculum became more detailed and fact-oriented; however, instead of science becoming boring and all memorization, it turned out to be more and more interesting because my teachers would incorporate the scientific method and thinking process in all their classes. By middle school, my interest for science had really grown.I discovered YSC at the Silicon Valley Science and Technology Championship website, a regional science fair here in California. I entered in fifth grade and became a semifinalist (winner for California) but did not make it to the top ten. This year, I tried even harder than before and am glad that my work paid off.

Probably the most exciting part of the YSC so far was the video making process. I filmed different parts of it over a period of three months, and of course, with every part, something had to go wrong. It took me five or six tries per 20 seconds of the video to get it right. In the end, the final video made all the repetitions and attempts worth the trouble.

The wait was agonizing: I knew this was my last chance.  Although I had tried to do my best, I was always anxious that I had messed something up. Finally, when the phone call came, I was amazed and thrilled. It was almost hard for me to believe that I was a finalist. My family was congratulating me, and we were all extremely happy.

I’m hoping to finalize my project idea soon and start developing it!

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