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YSC Final Two Weeks - Albert

I started off these two week with an intense crackdown on my prototype and rapid depletion of my cellphone minutes. I had about two hour-long conversations with Roger, a co-worker of my mentor, who helped me get a sense of what I was doing and how I was to approach my final presentation. So I'm piecing together the bits and pieces of my final online presentation and I will complement it with a short demonstration of the mechanics of my innovation.

My favorite part about this journey was the "challenge" which, after receiving insight on my limitations, I finally realized that it was building the prototype. Yet, along the way, I learned a great deal about marketing, engineering and integrating an innovation into the real world. The reason was because Roger gave me an example of a development that had died off because of either lack of funding or interest. It was then that I fully understood the difference between concept and reality. There are so many great concepts that have not been made reality.

If I would have been given the chance to redo my project, it would have been finding my focus early on in the project and clearly understanding what was my objective: the presentation and idea not so much as the product and prototype.

As for now, I have to do make-ups at my high school because I will be missing three days of school. But I'll be excited to be in 30 degree weather for the second time in my life. Nah, I'm just kidding. I'll be thrilled to be a part of the innovation process and presentation in a program that recognizes science and engineering as the future.

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