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My Final Blog Post :'(

Hi there this is Jack Andraka from AMAZING MARYLAND. Anyway I still cannot believe that I fly out to St.Paul in only 3 DAYS!!! I am super super excited to meet the other 9 finalists. I'm practicing the presentation of my innovation, and while this does take up a ton of time, I still somehow manage to do all of my homework (which is really hard to do in high school). Anyway I'm giving a special shout out to my mentor Dr. Ylitalo for being the best mentor ever!!! I've also started a facebook group in order to learn a bit more about my fellow finalists however I only found 3 finalists (including me) so that kind of failed. But I cannot wait to go to the final event!!!!!!!!! I would like to thank Discovery Education and 3M for creating such an awesome oppurtunity for middle schoolers. I'M GOING TO MISS BLOGGING TO ALL OF YOU!!!!! You all have been a phenomanal audience. Below is a video, which is my final video blog post.

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