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Austin Curtis - Final Week

This will be my last blog entry.
I've had fun doing this project over the summer (and through school) and I am excited about the trip to the finals in Minneapolis.

When I first had an idea for what I wanted to do, I wasn't sure it was possible. Then, after a while we decided it wasn't possible, so we started working on a different project. But, we kept trying to make the first project work. And finally we got the first project to work so I spent the rest of the summer trying to improve it. Then, we got it into its final form, and made a prototype to take to the finals.

Now I have to finish my presentation and then I will prepare for the trip and whatever challenges that await!

Thanks to my mentor, Dr. Benson, 3M, Discovery Education, and my dad for their support.

See you at the finals!

P.S. Watch my last blog video:

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