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YSC Blog Post 7 – [Cheyenne]

It’s been pretty hectic this week, what with the earthquake and all (I had an idea to solve an earthquake problem, but I’ll save that for later).  I’ve been hard at work constructing my prototype, and I’m pleased to see it’s coming together.  The final event in October is getting closer and closer.  I’m saving September for the presentation, so I’m working double time to finish everything else before school starts.

Against the backdrop of all my recent failures, I’ve finally had a success!  I was worried that in spite of all my testing, I would not be able to find a usable material for my prototype. However, as a result of endlessly modifying the testing procedure and some new 3M products from my mentor, I have something that I can use with confidence.

Sometimes you just have to persevere through all the setbacks and hold on to that sliver of hope that something will happen the way you want it to.

Now since some of the pressure has trickled off of the testing, I spent some time putting together another montage, this time about the obstacles in finding a suitable testing site.

Sorry about the quality in these.  I had to sacrifice size for clarity.

Testing Testing

Testing Testing 2

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