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YSC Blog Post 5 – [Cheyenne]

After a month of grueling, but exhilarating, math camp, I am back at home and ready to plunge my entire self into this project. This past weekend, I took my testing chamber, which had encountered a lot of building problems, to a professional welder to see if they could help me.  Unfortunately, they couldn’t, so I went to Home Depot to get some ideas.  I got more than ideas.

A customer there, who was very knowledgeable, overheard my conversation with the employee, and stepped in to help.  He explained several different solutions to my problem with the testing chamber, and I walked out with almost everything that I needed.

My talk with that gentleman was so fruitful, it felt like an engineering lesson that I would receive in a school.  I had no idea that I could get that much advice just by speaking up in a hardware store.  I think that when it comes to solving problems that deal with daily life, you should be alert for help coming from all sorts of places, from an observation that you make on the street, to a chance meeting.

So I followed through with the procedure expanded from the customer’s advice, and it seemed to be working, when I noticed that something had gone horribly wrong.  My design had failed again!  This was enough failures for me in one month.  My brain went into overdrive and churned out yet another design.  There was nothing to lose, so I traveled around and collected supplies, and I’m ready to try again tomorrow.

I stumbled upon something both delightful and mildly astonishing while I was in Autozone browsing the aisles.  It was a shelf jam packed with 3M products!  Once again, my mind marveled at the wide variety of successful products that 3M sells.  O_O

In other news, I pieced together a montage (my first video post!) for you that has to do with the construction involved in my project.  You can click the links below.

Construction Part 1

Construction Part 2

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