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Young Scientist Challenge Week 7



I spent a few hours doing research on my innovation and realized that the hardest part about gathering information was finding what types of technologies were available. For the most part, I felt that my initial approach to solving the problem was simple and effective. Yet, as I dug deeper I discovered there were more technologies that were more effective and more practical. Without research, one can think of only one solution. It may seem great that someone has discovered a solution to a problem but this limits the person to only one option.

It's important to have at least three different possible solutions to an answer so someone can choose which is more practical, available and effective. Take the Mythbusters for example. When they try to find solutions they look for multiple methods because one method is often less effective than another.

Organization is key to a scientist because science is all about finding the best solution to a problem. Without organization, it's impossible to discern which solution is more effective, which problem needs to be addressed or what explanation fits which question. Thus, researching and gathering information about short range telemetry (as Kevin Eberman put it) is important because it allows me to explore my options and see the pros and cons of each option.

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