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Week 4- Shawn Farmand

What is science without research? The answer is simply nothing! Without research, there would be nothing to base any knowledge off of.  Researching plays a key role in the scientific process, as without it, there would be nothing to experiment.

Back in the day, people weren't as privileged as the new generation to just sit in a chair, type something on a computer, and have loads of information pop up in seconds! They might have had to go to the other side of the country to find one book! Now, we know so much more and it is all because of research. That, in my opinion, is why science has gained more in the last 20 years, than in the last 200,000 years!

My research process was basically reading an article, finding an important fact, and then finding at least two other articles to back up that fact.

The hardest part of researching was probably sorting out the incorrect information. I came upon many websites where some of their information was incorrect which made researching more difficult than it had to be.

You must research a great deal of information before you start your experiment. I have been researching for more than 3 weeks and still I am just starting my experiment.

My mentor, Dr. Oxman, will be sending me supplies shortly so I can start my experimental phase. My experiment involves weeks of testing and documentation. It was very hard to think about how I can test my solution to see if it works or not.

Organization plays a key role in research and other steps of the scientific process. For example, you must organize all of the information you have gathered from researching, you must organize your thoughts, etc.

Researching information is one of the most important steps for coming up with a solution. To sum it up in one sentence as the great Albert Einstein once said “If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?"

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