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YSC Opening Blog Post - Jack Andraka

I am so excited to be a finalist for this competition! I was inspired to enter this competition after my science teacher told me about the challenge since I am extremely passionate about science and math.

Making the video was so exciting because I learned so many new concepts in science and math. It was really enjoyable to discover how to present to the world my solution and it was fascinating to see all of these new experiences while creating my movie. I was so nervous while I waited for the announcement of the winners and when I got the call I was so happy I was jumping up and down because I had worked so hard and I could now discuss this science with the world's leading innovators.

If I win I will continue my scientific research because science is just so cool! Just the prestige of being one of the top ten is pretty cool and it will probably enhance my love for science. Me, my family, and my friends are so excited that I was chosen because we all now that it will be a life-changing experience that I will always cherish.

I am so exited to discuss my research with my mentor and be one of the ten finalists.

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