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Young Scientist Challenge Week 2

Making observations was an easy process. As humans, we are curious to find ways to make our lives easier whether its the invention of the car or the microwave. It is also truly fascinating to see how past innovators have solved their problems by observation and reasoning. Many of them used existing products for, as the Mythbusters put it, ways they were never intended to. It is this ingenuity that I tried to keep in mind as I tried to identify problems with our everyday life that could be solved using technology.

Picking a problem that has an enormous impact on the community and the world is not an easy task but certainly very thrilling. Narrowing down the list of problems to three required me to think outside the box and analyze each problem as well as its potential impact. My experience with analyzing historical events and detailing their successes, failures and consequences has helped me through this process.

Lastly, I'd like to thank my 3M mentor, Kevin Eberman, for telling me what to keep in mind as I explore my everyday life. He is motivated by the fascination of incorporating his materials engineering experience with the creation of fuel cells that are more energy efficient. He knows that his solutions will reach the community and help people with their everyday lives.

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