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Week 2- Braeden Benedict

Welcome back, everybody!

As we conclude Week 2 of the Summer Program, I am completely engrossed in my project. I find choosing a problem to be the toughest part of any science research project. Taking my wide range of ideas and narrowing them down to just three was especially difficult.

I’ve found an interesting way to classify the observations I have made and the problems I have seen along what I call “The Spectrum of Importance.”

On one end we have hugely important problems like world hunger. There are so many people working on a problem like this that any solution I come up with will not be NEW. On the other end of the spectrum are BRAND NEW ideas that will have no widespread impact on the world. What I am trying to find is in the middle of my “Spectrum of Importance.” I need a NEW and simple idea that has widespread impact.

I believe 3M scientists are motivated by their passion for science and their determination to help the world. They view developing and marketing a successful 3M product to be an exciting challenge. When you see something you have created solving a problem, you get a great sense of satisfaction and joy. 3M scientists like my mentor, Dr. Martin Wolk, get to do what they love and help other people at the same time. That seems like a great motivation to me!

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