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Week 1- Shawn Farmand

I have been interested in different fields of science and research all of my life. After I won first place in my school science fair, The Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science competition, and a First Honorable Mention at the Montgomery County Research Competition for my experiment in sound  barriers, the science fair organizer  e-mailed me the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge link. I looked it up online and was amazed by the whole idea of it, so I decided to enter!

The making of the entry video was a little bit harder than I thought it would be! However, the overall experience of making the video was extremely enjoyable and a great learning journey!

While waiting for the finalists of the competition to be announced, I was extremely excited and anxious. I am very happy and honored to have made it to the top ten. I am also very excited about working with my mentor and our competition in St. Paul, Minnesota. This is an amazing experience and opportunity for me and I am very thankful for it.

If I get to be “America’s Top Young Scientist” I will be extremely proud of myself and I would see that as motivation for my future science work. I would put all of the money towards my college account.

When Ms. Basche called to inform me that I was part of the top 10, the phone was on speaker so everybody in the house, including my parents and my grandparents who were visiting us, were listening. The moment she said that I was part of the top 10 everyone started hugging and high-fiving.

The following day I told a few close friends and informed my teachers and principal. I received many congratulations from friends and family!

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