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Week 1- Braeden Benedict

Welcome, everybody, to the Young Scientist Challenge Blog!

I will be posting to this blog throughout the summer, keeping you updated on my summer project. I’m very excited to be one of the top ten finalists for the Young Scientist Challenge sponsored by Discovery Education and 3M.

Day 1 Introduction Part 1

Day 1 Introduction Part 2

I first learned about this competition last year from my great science teacher, Ms. Astrid Reichelt. She believed I could succeed at this. Although I was not able to enter last year, I did enter this year.

Making my entry video was lots of fun! I had to record many takes for each of my scenes. It always seemed like something went wrong. An airplane flew overhead, the wind picked up, or the football I threw at the camera missed! Although it was hard, it was very exciting. Once I had recorded, I started the laborious task of going through my videos and compiling them into a two minute entry. I also had to speed up some scenes, adjust volumes, and add transitions. Finally, I uploaded my finished video onto the Young Scientist Challenge website.

And waited…and waited…and waited some more. It was agonizing to wait all that time for the results. I thought I had a pretty good entry, but I was not sure how good the others would be. Finally, that wonderful phone call came. I was a finalist!

Of course, my family is excited about my accomplishment. No surprise there. What I was surprised about is how excited my friends are about it. I didn’t tell many of my friends about this because I didn’t want to brag about myself. A few days ago, I saw some friends I had not told about it. They had somehow heard about it and were very excited for me, asking questions and congratulating me.

I can’t wait until the competition this October in St. Paul. Wish me luck!

>>Braeden Benedict

P.S. I’ve attached a video (in two parts) from the first day of the summer program.

Day 1 Introduction Part 1

Day 1 Introduction Part 2

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