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Making Observations

So far the competition has been going great! I have already become even more excited about science than I already was. I have been making observations about the world around me and trying to think about what is the problem and what sort of innovation I could make to help fix it. I have already learned so much about science because my observations range from microbiology to civil engineering and all in between. I think that this is the greatest opportunity for science that anyone in the world could have.

I am extremely excited to meet my mentor in a couple of days. Already I am bursting with excitement to meet her and talk with one of the world's innovators. Anyone who is a finalist in this competition will remember it for the rest of their lives and they go back to their schools knowing more and then also getting other kids excited about science. My friends think science is so much cooler now because I showed my video and it made them understand that science can be cool, interesting, and most importantly fun. Even at a math camp I was able to make my friends think that math and science are so much cooler. I think the real goal of this competition is not to win but to spread the word about how awesome science is around America and the world. I look forward to October 2nd-5th and creating my innovation and having tons of fun.

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