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Michael Koehler

Allison Park, Pennsylvania
Hampton Middle School
What is your favorite subject in school?: 
Science class and Introduction to Transportation class
What kind of extra-curricular activities or hobbies do you enjoy participating in?: 
I enjoy flying remote control airplanes because I find it fascinating how a heavier than air object is capable of remaining airborne. I also like the challenge of flying the aircraft and enjoy doing stunts and testing the limits of the airplane's physical strength. I regularly volunteer at the Western Pennsylvania Model Railroad Museum helping to build the scenery and lay the track. I also volunteer during their annual show and help keep the trains running smoothly by repairing derailments and swapping out trains. Trains have been something I have loved since I was very little. I have played the violin for 5 years. I especially enjoy improvising music because that is a way to express how I feel.
What career do you want to pursue and why?: 
I'm not really sure what I want to do for my career at this point, but I think I might like to be an aeronautics engineer or an aircraft crash scientist. I might want to be an aeronautics engineer because I'm fascinated by the science of flight. I am interested in being an aircraft crash scientist because I think it would be interesting to analyze how different structural components of the aircraft are affected under sudden impacts, and by observing how these parts are damaged, I could design ways to make them safer.
What do you enjoy most about science?: 
My main interest in science is in physics and chemistry.

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