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Nikita Gaurav

Beaverton, Oregon
Valley Catholic Middle School
What is your favorite subject in school?: 
My favorite subject in school is science because I love to learn about the world and life around me. Science allows me to be curious and experiment with my ideas. Science can be applied to everything, and it can be useful everywhere. Learning about science teaches us to solve problems methodically.
What kind of extra-curricular activities or hobbies do you enjoy participating in?: 
I enjoy playing soccer, basketball and the piano. I have played soccer for three years and I am on my school’s girl’s basketball team. I have been taking private piano lessons for five years and I currently playing in my school’s orchestra. During my free time I enjoy painting with acrylic paints on canvas. I draw and then paint pictures of buildings and landscapes of places that I wish to visit. I have displayed my paintings in local art shows. I also love to read in my spare time. I am an active participant in my school’s yearbook club, Book club and the Science Club and have competed in the Science Bowl.
What career do you want to pursue and why?: 
In the future I would like to become an eco-friendly architect or a mechanical engineer who designs sustainable technology. It is important for us to understand that we are the generation that must preserve our precious resources on earth. With global warming and a larger population, it is crucial for us to care for our planet by producing less waste and pollution. I want to design buildings and homes that are energy efficient such as homes which use white (or heat reflecting) roofs. I want to explore ideas on how to use recycled materials and natural materials to improve the environment and the people’s lifestyles.
Why did you enter in the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge?: 
After learning about the contest from my science teacher last April (kind of late) I just couldn’t wait to enter. After looking at the videos posted on your website by previous winners I really wanted to make one too. I had a lot of fun making this video, and I also learned a lot in the process of making this video. I Hope you enjoy it too!
What do you enjoy most about science?: 
Science opens doors to new opportunities and discoveries in areas of medicine, engineering, design and research. The field of science constantly keeps growing larger as new discoveries are made. As our society depends increasingly upon technology, scientific knowledge and experience is very important. Knowledge about science helps us to become more informed about the environment, so we can to conserve our resources and deal with other current problems we are facing. Science also informs us about life and it can lead us to find cures for diseases and minimize health risks. Advances in science can benefit our community and the world greatly. I care deeply about the environment and I want expand my scientific knowledge so that I could help contribute to the preservation of our planet.
Anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself?: 
I participated, and won first place in the Oregon State Stock Market Game Essay Competition. I am currently taking Japanese and I won first place in The Japanese Speech Tournament held by the Japanese Consulate. I have also participated in the annual Intel Science Fair Expo; there I won the Innovative Science Engineering Award from the National Professional Engineers’ Association. I won first place in the earth sciences category at the Catholic Schools Fair Science Fair as well. I enjoy learning and I try and do my best at everything I do. I am greatly interested in science and I want to continue learning as much as can about science.

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