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Nico Seamons

Socorro, New Mexico
Cottonwood Valley Charter School
What is your favorite subject in school?: 
Well i can't say that that I have one subject that is my favorite. Science and math together are by far my favorite topics, I think they should really go together.
What kind of extra-curricular activities or hobbies do you enjoy participating in?: 
I really like pursuing projects involving mechanical engineering. To be able to have an idea, and then fabricate it and make it come true is always a wonderful experience. I also really enjoy playing soccer, I'm very competitive so team sports like soccer are perfect.
What career do you want to pursue and why?: 
I would really like to go into mechanical engineering. I think its a great career because I LOVE building things. To be able to take an idea from paper and fabricate it into a 3-D working object is fantastic.
Why did you enter in the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge?: 
There are many problems on this earth that have not been solved. The Young Scientist Challenge provides a very unique way to share your solutions to these problems with the rest of the world. I wanted to do exactly that.
What do you enjoy most about science?: 
I like science mostly because it helps people live better. There are many problems that need solutions or things that could be improved to make our world a better place. By solving one of these problems you know that your work will affect the whole world. I think it's great that through science anyone with an idea can make a big impact on the earth and human life.
Anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself?: 
In the future I would like to continue to pursue my project. The hoses would be hooked up to an irrigation system so that different walls would receive water at different times of day, depending on the location of the sun. I am also planning to experiment with different types of stucco to see if there is a potential problem with erosion. I would then like to make a full sized prototype and use it on my home in the hotter months.
New Mexico

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