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Kai Klocke

Portland, Oregon
Cedar Park Middle School
What is your favorite subject in school?: 
My favorite school subjects are math and science.
What kind of extra-curricular activities or hobbies do you enjoy participating in?: 
I enjoy reading because it feeds my imagination and I can learn new things. Also I enjoy being a part of math competitions because they challenge me to do my best and inspire me to learn more and to try harder. In my spare time I like to test ideas or experiment with things I have heard about to see how they work and how things work. When I do watch television I enjoy watching educational things like Animal Planet or Science Channel so that I can learn new things and see what things are being developed today.
What career do you want to pursue and why?: 
I have always wanted to be a chemist and an inventor. I want to help the world with ideas that I think of. Also I want to understand how the world works and to create better ways to do things and to experiment with what we have available in our world to make our society more sustainable.
Why did you enter in the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge?: 
My grandma sent me the link and I thought that this would be a good way for me to learn more and the oppurtunity of the grand prize would help me pay for going to college because I want to be able to get a PhD in chemistry. This seemed like a fun way to get more involved in science.
What do you enjoy most about science?: 
Science has no limit. There are always new things to learn and you really never know all the answers. Science explains how thing works and I always want to know how the world runs. I want to be able to help discover more of those ideas.
Anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself?: 
I have two sisters and have lived in the Netherlands for a couple of years.

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