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Week 1 - Austin Curtis

 My mom and dad inspired me to enter the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge. I wasn't sure if I should enter, but they encouraged me to enter. Last fall, I asked my dad to make me a laboratory in our basement garage. I have a computer and a lab desk to build new things. We used the lab as the background in my video.

I was worried that I would sound weird, or look funny, but the final video turned out better than I expected. My dad and I made a script and wrote parts of it on a dry erase board so we could film bits at a time. Then, we put it together on our computer. We had to cut out a lot, because two minutes is not a lot of time to explain something. Read more

YSC Blog Post 1 - Cheyenne

Hello, all!  This is my blog, in which I will be documenting my summer innovation project.  This is a very unique process for me, as I have never systematically "innovated" anything.

Since it's had a little while to sink in already, I don't get a rush of excitement every time someone mentions 3M or Discovery Education.  However, it's still overwhelming that I am one of the ten finalists from the nation.  When I received the phone call notifying me that I was a finalist, I spent several days half-expecting another call to come, saying that there was an error.  But now I'm extremely eager to get started on the project. Read more

Week 1- Shawn Farmand

I have been interested in different fields of science and research all of my life. After I won first place in my school science fair, The Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science competition, and a First Honorable Mention at the Montgomery County Research Competition for my experiment in sound  barriers, the science fair organizer  e-mailed me the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge link. I looked it up online and was amazed by the whole idea of it, so I decided to enter! Read more

Welcome to the Young Scientist Challenge Blog!

Welcome to the first-ever Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge Blog! All 10 finalists will be posting this summer about their innovation projects. They'll be posting pictures, recording videos and talking about their projects. Read more


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