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Arthur-Wrapping It Up

Hi Everyone!

The final event is just around the corner. I am preparing my props, going over my final presentation, rehearsing lines, and so forth, and I am super excited to travel to 3M in just 9 days!

Wow! I have come a long way from when I started back in June, and I feel like I am prepared for my trip to 3M. I have a lot planned, and hope that everyone watching will have lots of fun… But most of all, I want to inspire my generation, and encourage younger generations to enter the Young Scientist Challenge. Read more

Amulya - End Game

Hi there! Here is my video blog about my mentor. Check it out!

End Game

-Amulya Read more


Hello everyone!

This week was spent researching my topic. There is so much information out there! I could spend 12 hours a day, 7 days a week reading and learning all there is to know about my topic! It’s a good think I’m really interested in this topic. Read more


Amulya - A Wonderful Mentor

Hi there!

Here’s my video blog for today:



- Amulya Read more

Amulya - Plowing Ahead

Wow, time flies by so fast! It feels like I only got started yesterday, but now it's August!

I’ve been making a lot of progess on my app, and it’s running successfully in the browser. I just need to polish it up a bit and it’ll be good to go!

In addition, my mentor, Dr. Hardy, has been so helpful. In our weekly calls, I get so many new ideas and learn how to solve existing problems that I’m having.

All this research has been hard work, but I know it’ll pay off in the end! Read more

Amulya - Week 2

Hey everyone–Amulya here!

Over the past week, I’ve been making so much progress. I’ve been working on turning my dream of making my program into an app a reality, as well as figuring out 3M materials to utilize in my invention. I have so many ideas!

To be honest, it has been really challenging to separate stretch goals from realistic ideas. There are so many different ways I could go, so it’s hard to have a few realistic goals! Read more


Last month, the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge came to an exciting close as the finalists completed their challenges, presented their final innovations and Sahil Doshi was crowned America’s Top Young Scientist. As part of this once-in-a-lifetime experience, the finalists’ classmates, teachers, friends and family members were able to watch live as they presented their final creations!

Now, you can enjoy the live experience in your classroom or at home with the final presentations archive. Read more


The long-awaited event is finally here! The finalists and their families arrived in St. Paul, MN, the international headquarters for 3M Company, to start the jam-packed two days for the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge. I was so excited and fortunate to finally meet Nikita and his family in person and host them and the other finalists on 3M’s turf for the next two days. Read more


SAHIL DOSHI NAMED AMERICA’S TOP YOUNG SCIENTIST| The top 10 finalists of the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge traveled to 3M headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota earlier this week to compete for the title of America’s Top Young Scientist and $25,000! Ninth grader, Sahil Doshi, from Upper St. Clair School District’s Upper St. Clair High School, took home the title. Read more


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