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I decided to continue the project I submitted for the Discovery Education and 3M Young Scientist Challenge.  Although I had already developed a working model of my project, it only told me that I reached my initial goals.  I could see that there were a variety of ways my model could be improved.  I feel that if I can continue to improve my model, it could be more than a science project and one day be a viable commercial product.  I really liked this project from the beginning as it met my goal of making a difference in the energy crisis, introduced me to a wide range of Read more


What an awesome summer this is turning out to be!!!  I’m  trying out for the school basketball team, I just got back from a great week in Lake Tahoe and most of all, I was chosen as one of the 10 finalists in the Discovery 3M Young Scientist Challenge!!!
I already had a great call with my mentor, Dr. Moran.  We discussed the status of the project I submitted and some of the work that I had done since then. She and the rest of the staff have been so friendly and supportive.  Read more

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