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Austin Curtis - Final Week

This will be my last blog entry.
I've had fun doing this project over the summer (and through school) and I am excited about the trip to the finals in Minneapolis. Read more

Week 10- Braeden Benedict

In this video blog post, I will be showing you some of the testing I have conducted. I had to split the video into five parts to upload it, but it's all here.

In the videos from the testing at Gunther's Athletics, you will see Jose. He works at Gunther's Athletics and helped me operate the testing equipment. He was a huge help with the testing and made the whole process go smothly. Thanks, Jose!

I hope you enjoy the video... Read more


Young Scientist Challenge Video Blog #2


Here's another Video Blog! It's on what this Young Scientist Challenge experience has taught me. Thank you!! Read more

Recognition by John

Being a top 10 finalist has taken me many places that I never thought I would be. I was interviewed on my local news network WPSD. They asked me questions about the challenge and my project. It was very exciting and interesting to watch the broadcast from the studio. Read more

My model - John Holtgrewe

I have started building my model, and so far it is coming along great. I am using a number of 3M products to help me build the model, for example a respirator mask and sandpaper. I am learning modeling and building techniques, and I got to use a number of tools like a scroll saw. Read more


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