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The Scientific Method

Hi there its Jack Andraka from Maryland. In my next few blog posts and video shares I will be talking about the scientific method. The scientific method is the method that all scientists use to perform an experiment and the process is as followed: Ask a Question, Do Background Research, Construct Hypothesis, Test with an Experiment, Analyze Results. If your hypothesis is correct you can now go ahead and form your conclusion, otherwise form a question about why your hypothesis might be wrong and start all over again. Read more

Week 5- Shawn Farmand

After starting some of my experiments I realized that I needed more accurate results, so I asked my school district (Methacton) if I can borrow their microscope and precision scale. Hopefully I will get them this week. I am very happy they will be providing me with these instruments. While I have already done some experiments, I will be restarting them so I can have much more accurate results. I have also ordered a pH meter, accurate up to 0.01pH, as opposed to pH strips, accurate up to 2.5pH. Dr. Oxman has also sent me some more materials that I can use while I continue to build my prototype.  Read more


Week 6:Nolan Lenard

School just started. Good to see some friends again. BEST Robotics is starting up, and I'm very excited about this year. The theme is "Don't Bug Me." Guess we will find out what that means! Here's my new video blog.

3mvideo-blog2 Read more

YSC Blog Post 6 -- [Cheyenne]

This week has been pretty quiet.

My testing has run into even more problems, if that’s even possible.  Therefore, I have decided to begin working on the prototype in addition to testing, because there are some parts of my prototype that don’t require testing to build.

My mentor, Dr. Appeaning, has helped me a lot more.  She was able to get her hands on some more 3M products for me, so I can continue with my schedule. Read more

Video Blog 2- Shawn Farmand

YSC Video 2

Hi Everyone,

       This is my second video blog. Read more


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