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Week 5: How a mentor can help

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Video Blog 1- Shawn Farmand

Hi everyone,

     This is my first video blog:

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Week 4- Braeden Benedict


It’s what science is all about!

It is impossible to solve a problem without researching it. How could you? You wouldn’t know what you were trying to solve. Almost everything a scientist does is research. Reading, observing, and taking data, they are all part of scientific research. Before a scientist starts anything, they must try to find out as much as possible about their subject matter. Sometimes, the hardest part of research is finding information that doesn’t fit your idea or hypothesis. Maybe your idea or solution has to change to fit what actually happens. That’s okay. It’s all part of scientific research. Once that research is completed, a scientist must communicate his or her findings to the world. Read more


YSC Blog Post 5 – [Cheyenne]

After a month of grueling, but exhilarating, math camp, I am back at home and ready to plunge my entire self into this project. This past weekend, I took my testing chamber, which had encountered a lot of building problems, to a professional welder to see if they could help me.  Unfortunately, they couldn’t, so I went to Home Depot to get some ideas.  I got more than ideas. Read more

Divya - Blog 3

Once I narrowed down my ideas to three, it was fairly simple to choose one topic to pursue. This is because one of my ideas was extremely complicated to implement (though very interesting) and another had an alternative solution that was already invented (Someone else who thought just like me :P ).

After choosing my topic, I performed additional research and found out that my solution could serve several different purposes. This additional information helped add the “awe” factor to my idea and made me certain that I had chosen the right one. Read more


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