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Brandon - Fifth Post

Why does time have to pass so fast when you’re having fun? I can’t believe the final event is just a mere one month and a half away. Read more

Carolyn - Experiments in Progress

Experiments in Progress

During the past several weeks I have really began diving into my project.  I have been doing all sorts fun of hands on work such as building prototypes, and developing and testing specific aspects of my innovation. Read more

Patrick - Week 7

This week, we're blogging about the best part and the worst part of our summer science experience.  The best part is that it's been like Christmas around here.  I've been receiving all sorts of new gadgets to test with. Read more

Chase - The Devil is in the Details

I’m learning that every aspect of engineering a transportation device has to be considered carefully. My Refugee Travois looks simple, but boy oh boy, the devil is in the details. Read more

Gabriel - Journey and Support

The hardest thing about this challenge has been time.  I was in summer camp for seven weeks, spent a week in New York with my grandparents, took a week vacation with my family and did a long weekend trip to Maine as well. Read more


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