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Deepika – YSC Week 5: Research!

Hello Science Enthusiasts!

As I continue my journey through the summer mentorship program, I have come to the next step in the scientific method: research. Researching is one of the most tedious and important steps in creating an innovation. Read more


Anin - Experimental Design

Now that I’ve almost finalized my project idea, I’m searching for the best materials to develop it. Finding the perfect materials for my innovation is a challenge itself; for an innovation to work optimally, its building blocks (the materials) must all work well. I checked several places for the right materials (some of which were hard to find), and eventually, I finalized everything I needed. Read more

Patrick - Week 5

This week, I created an online survey using SurveyMonkey for family and friends.  The results were surprising and sent me back to the research phase. Read more

Carolyn - And More Background Research...

Over the past weeks I have been doing allot of research, but it’s all still on the computer.

Part of this research was directed to what others have done to solve a similar problem. I’m really looking forward to creating good head-to-head comparisons! Read more

Anishaa - Fourth Blog - On Collection

Hello, all! A reflection on the past week brings me to the point in which I'm almost ready. I've researched so much on the idea, and I have found no discoveries that state that my idea has been even thought of. In a way, I'm rather glad of this. Read more


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