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Carolyn - Thank You!

Thank You
The 3M Discovery Education Young Scientist Challenge has been an awesome experience.  Definitely, my favorite part has been working with a 3M mentor.  Dr.  Appeaning has been a very valuable resource for me over the summer.  She not only helped me with deciding on 3M products, but I also bounced many scientific ideas off her.  It was so wonderful and fun to have an opportunity to work with a real professional scientist. Read more

Anishaa - On Wrapping Things Up

And so it ends. The summer full of so much energy and work, and the beginning of the school year, holding anticipation and worry, and excitement. In about 2 weeks, I will no longer be in Pennsylvania, but I will be in Minnesota, pitting my mind against 9 other very talented finalists in the competition that truly has changed my life. Read more

Anishaa - Eighth Blog - On Potential

Hey everybody!

I've been working as much as I can on this project- around school, homework, band practice, etc. Read more

Aidan - Wake Up With Al!

Hello Everybody,

I have just began my first year of school which is exciting! My project is almost finished and looks amazing! I used all types of 3M products. Read more

Chase - Proof of Concept....It Works!

Last week I took my Refugee Travois prototype to a local gathering of moms and students. Read more


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