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Blog 6- Shawn Farmand

After all of the natural disasters that happened in our area lately, including an earthquake, a hurricane, power outages, flooding, water damage in my house, etc., I'm back! For the last couple of weeks I have been working on my in vivo experiments, the hard part was to find people that would go through the whole experiment.  My in vitro testing is also done. All of my results support my hypothesis. Read more

Blog 7- Nolan Lenard

This past week school started. I am making final preparations to my project and starting my presentation. Here's my video blog!

videoblog3 Read more

John's Blog-Technology

I have been making progress with the 3M technology, and I have been doing more research and I am about ready to start building my model. I spent a lot of time on the 3M website looking at all of the different and technologies that they have. It is totally amazing how many different things they have, from post it notes to medical supplies. Read more

Austin Curtis - Week 7

Hi this is Austin, this video is better this week because we have had success with my project. I was able to talk to my mentor for a long time last night on the phone. He used to be a boy scout and he would get dry ice and put ice cream on it and give it to his fellow boy scouts. When the presentation night comes, he will have dry ice for me to freeze my project quickly with.

My video shows how my project is coming along.

Austin's 2nd Video Read more

YSC Blog Post 7 – [Cheyenne]

It’s been pretty hectic this week, what with the earthquake and all (I had an idea to solve an earthquake problem, but I’ll save that for later).  I’ve been hard at work constructing my prototype, and I’m pleased to see it’s coming together.  The final event in October is getting closer and closer.  I’m saving September for the presentation, so I’m working double time to finish everything else before school starts.

Against the backdrop of all my recent failures, I’ve finally had a success!  I was worried that in spite of all my testing, I would not be able to find a usable material for my prototype. However, as a result of endlessly modifying the testing procedure and some new 3M products from my mentor, I have something that I can use with confidence. Read more


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