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YSC Blog Post 7 – [Cheyenne]

It’s been pretty hectic this week, what with the earthquake and all (I had an idea to solve an earthquake problem, but I’ll save that for later).  I’ve been hard at work constructing my prototype, and I’m pleased to see it’s coming together.  The final event in October is getting closer and closer.  I’m saving September for the presentation, so I’m working double time to finish everything else before school starts.

Against the backdrop of all my recent failures, I’ve finally had a success!  I was worried that in spite of all my testing, I would not be able to find a usable material for my prototype. However, as a result of endlessly modifying the testing procedure and some new 3M products from my mentor, I have something that I can use with confidence. Read more

Blog #4 (Video Blog #1)


Here is my first Video Blog!

YSC Video Blog1 Read more

Week 7- Braeden Benedict

Summer almost over! I'd once again like to thank 3M and Discovery Education for this amazing opportunity and experience.

Please take a look at my videos. Thanks!

Summer's Almost Over! Part 1 & Summer's Almost Over! Part 2 Read more

Young Scientist Challenge Video Blog #1

Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge
Caroline Boschetto Video Blog #1

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Young Scientist Challenge Week 7



I spent a few hours doing research on my innovation and realized that the hardest part about gathering information was finding what types of technologies were available. For the most part, I felt that my initial approach to solving the problem was simple and effective. Yet, as I dug deeper I discovered there were more technologies that were more effective and more practical. Without research, one can think of only one solution. It may seem great that someone has discovered a solution to a problem but this limits the person to only one option. Read more