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Chase - We've Won Already

Well, I finally shipped the Refugee Travois off to 3M!

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Deepika - YSC Final Week: Closing Post

Hello Science Enthusiasts!

The last week of the Young Scientist Challenge has finally come. These past few months have been an incredible experience. Although I am excited for the final event, I am disappointed that the summer mentorship program is coming to an end. Read more


Gabriel - Reflection and Anticipation

I can't believe it's only one week until Minneapolis!  Some days it felt like the final event was very far away and other days I was rushing to complete an experiment and feeling like there was no time at all.  But now the time is here. Read more

Naren - The final blog post...

My Video Blog

As the innovation journey comes to an end, and the final event is coming closer, I now reflect on the journey. It was an amazing experience working with a real 3M scientist and getting to develop and innovate along with him. That truly was a memorable experience! As the final event comes closer, I'm super excited, but I'm also a bit nervous. It feels like the journey went by so fast! Read more

Brandon - Final Post

I would have never thought that I would reach this moment! Over two months ago, I was writing my first blog entry. I couldn’t have imagined that, soon enough, I would be typing up my last blog and preparing for St. Paul! Read more


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