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Recognition by John

Being a top 10 finalist has taken me many places that I never thought I would be. I was interviewed on my local news network WPSD. They asked me questions about the challenge and my project. It was very exciting and interesting to watch the broadcast from the studio. Read more

My model - John Holtgrewe

I have started building my model, and so far it is coming along great. I am using a number of 3M products to help me build the model, for example a respirator mask and sandpaper. I am learning modeling and building techniques, and I got to use a number of tools like a scroll saw. Read more

Video Blog- Shawn Farmand

Hi Everyone,

This is my final video blog before the final event in October! It's been an amazing journey!

Video Blog 3 Read more

Video Blog #3 - Divya

I can't wait until the final event in October!!! I'm finishing up my project and getting ready for the final presentation. The webinar about the different programs to use for the final presentation was very helpful.

Here is my 3rd video blog (it's split into two parts) about how exciting my journey with the Young ScientistsChallenge has been so far! It keeps getting better!

Blog #6.1 2.0mb Read more

Blog 8:Nolan Lenard

I think I'll use powerpoint to make my basic presentation, and then import it into Sliderocket. Sliderocket has some interesting transitions.

This year in BEST robotics we have 50 schools competing. The theme is "Don't Bug Me", which could be computer bugs, "bugs" that cause disease, or actual bugs.  They'll reveal it to us this coming Saturday!

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