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Chase - First post

I first learned about the 3M/Discovery Young Scientist Challenge from my best friend, Andrew.  Andrew was the North Carolina State Merit Winner in the 2011.

I wanted to enter the contest, as I love scientific challenges and video-editing, but I had no great ideas.  Then I remembered how I felt when I learned about the Somali famine and the fact that sometimes children were left on the roadside to die because their parents could not carry them for the 2-3 week treks to the refugee camps. Read more

Anin - Blog 1

Hi everyone! I’m really excited about being chosen as one of the top ten finalists for the Young Scientist Challenge, and I look forward to working on my innovation with the guidance of my mentor. I’ll be posting about my experience over the next three months.

My interest for science and science research developed during elementary school, where teachers presented us students with the most interesting and intriguing aspects of each subject (basic chemistry, basic physics, et cetera).  As the years passed, the science curriculum became more detailed and fact-oriented; however, instead of science becoming boring and all memorization, it turned out to be more and more interesting because my teachers would incorporate the scientific method and thinking process in all their classes. By middle school, my interest for science had really grown. Read more

Congratulations to the Top Ten Finalists of the 2012 Young Scientist Challenge!

From Connecticut to California, this year’s top young scientists are from all across the country.   And from soccer and Taekwondo to orchestra and movie-making, their interests are diverse too.  Yet despite their differences, they have one important thing in common:  All ten finalists love science! Read more

Young Scientist Challenge Video Blog #3-Caroline

Caroline_Video_Blog 3

Here is my final video Blog. Thanks! It's been a great experience!! Read more

(Final) YSC Blog 9 - [Cheyenne]

Hello there, all!  I can’t believe the YSC project is almost over already.  Time sure flies when you’re having fun.  Two days ago, NY1 came to my school to interview me.  It was so unexpected, but a great experience.  It was the first time I was ever on television.  When I came to school the next day, one of my friends said they saw me on TV! 

The worst part of this has got to be missing three days of school.  I’ll have to make up two exams and a lab, but I’ll gladly skip those for YSC.

But, the best part heavily outweighs that.  The experience has just been amazing. Read more


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