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Daniel - The Motives of a Scientist

Last week, I selected eight observations from the news and identified the problems behind them. This was very time consuming because the news is mostly about sports and celebrities instead of problems that may be solved with scientific solutions. I did not find it difficult to narrow down my project options to three because I know which ones have the greatest potential to change the world, and the ones that I am most interested in. Read more

Brooke - Reason, Observation, & Experience

Hello again, science enthusiasts!

I’ve been really busy observing and researching over the past week.  It’s always such an eye-opener to think about problems that we all face in our everyday lives and brainstorm possible solutions.  It was difficult to narrow down my list!  There are so many different opportunities for new innovation in every observation.  However, I was finally able to select my top three ideas. Read more


Anish - What Am I Going To Fix?

Hello Fellow Scientists,

It’s good to be back and working on my project! My New York vacation gave me a lot of inspiration on ideas for this summer's project, so I couldn't wait to start! Read more


Tim- Chosing the Big Three

Hi again! Over the past week I have been working on making observations about problems, why they happen, and picking the  most important ones to focus on. My innovation will (in theory) solve all of these problems, but it was challenging to narrow it down to three to work on and solve with my innovation. Eventually, after some thought, I found the three that  I wanted to use.

I believe that 3M scientists are motivated by the fact that they are making something new that will help many people. I always enjoy knowing that my invention can make a difference. Read more

Reeny- Weather Update: BrainStorms Rolling In—Crazy Hair Days Ahead!!!

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. --Albert Einstein

Good thing that Mr. Einstein and I agree on that one!  Because I think imagination is gonna be the key to developing my innovat Read more



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