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Rohit Mital - Problems and Solutions

There are so many problems in our world that need solving. From the hugest global problems like lack of energy, food, and water, to the smallest everyday nuisances like poor binder design, running out of pencils, and more. 

Looking around for those that affect me the most is an interesting process, because I’m blessed enough to say that I don’t have any everyday problems aside from a few nuisances every now and then. This does pose a problem because I can’t find things to choose from.         Read more

Rohan Wagh-Week 2

Hello everybody and welcome to my second blog post! Read more

Kaien Yang: Summer Road Trips

Kayaking on the Monongahela River in Pittsburgh this weekend, I couldn't help but marvel at the harmony of nature and science - the century-old Duquesne Incline, the Carnegie Science Museum, and the surrounding bridges. My mind raced to the many balsa wood bridges I built using the same engineering principles as the Fort Pitt Bridge. Read more


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