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Rohan Wagh - Revealing the Source

Hello Everybody, 

In this Blog Post, I will talk about the source of my bacteria. 

Until Next Time,

Rohan Wagh Read more

SARA MAKBOUL - Final Touches & an Awesome 3M Product

Hey fellow scientists, it's Sara and I'm back with another video!

As my summer mentornship comes to a close I am focusing on finishing my presenttion with the help of my mentor and constantly practicing to make sure I have it all down. My protoype is finally ready and I was able to fix all the small technical difficulties that had come up. Read more


Greetings, fellow science enthusiasts!


I've had an amazing experience with my 3M mentor, and I'm super excited to share my ideas at the final event! I hope you enjoy hearing about my journey in my final video blog post:


National Chemistry Week is Coming

Science-based detective shows are proven crowd-pleasers. Shows like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, NCIS and a host of other dramas use science to solve crimes. So this year’s National Chemistry Week theme, Solving Mysteries through Chemistry, is sure to be a hit. Read more

Amelia Day - beep...TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES...beep

I have been having an extremely difficult time with getting the Bluetooth part of the Raspberry Pi 3b to work. It sounds like it should be the most simple part of the RPi process...but, unfortunately, it's definitely not. I've also been working on the presentation aspect of my project, for the final event, and am super excited to share it with everyone! Read more


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