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Krishna Reddy - Being Picky

I noticed that there are a lot of unsolved problems out there as well as solved ones. A lot of problems can just be solved with better planning or better spending. Some problems are harder to solve requiring millions of dollars of research and development, which I don't have access to. There's a middle range where it's not way too easy and it's not too hard. Read more

Conner-A Companion Worth Saving

When trying to find a problem in my everyday life, I started to look in the news. I knew that the news would be useful because they always talk about current issues and problems like flooding, natural disasters, etc. This was one reason I chose my problem because it was in the news; showing me that my problem was current and real. Read more

Amulya - Week 2

Hey everyone–Amulya here!

Over the past week, I’ve been making so much progress. I’ve been working on turning my dream of making my program into an app a reality, as well as figuring out 3M materials to utilize in my invention. I have so many ideas!

To be honest, it has been really challenging to separate stretch goals from realistic ideas. There are so many different ways I could go, so it’s hard to have a few realistic goals! Read more

Arthur's First Blog Post

Alec-Beginning the Competition

When I heard about this competition from my science teacher at school, it sounded like a great opportunity; I was excited about an opportunity to get a new mentor to help me and advise me, get acess to resources to build my project, and to compete. Before submitting my video, I almost clicked on the submit button several times - then stopped, wondering if I could change anything to make it better. Waiting to hear if I was a finalist was quite anxiety provoking at first; however, after a little while, for better or worse, preperation for finals in school took my mind off it. Read more


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