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Greetings fellow science enthusiasts!

These past couple weeks, I've been developing a plan for how I'm going to address the problem of variable responses to prescription drugs. I visited the spectacular Titan supercomputer, nailed down the specific challenge I am solving, and gained inspiration for my innovation! I hope you enjoy hearing about my new developments in my first video blog post!


Signing off,

Sofia Read more

Meghna Behari - Beginning My Adventure

Hi Everyone!

In the 20th century, the most valuable natural resource was oil and gas. But this century, water is the most important resource. Upon hearing about the lack of clean water in areas all over the world, I began to wonder what I could do to make sure our most important resource did not go to waste.

I did lots of research on what was polluting the waterways all over the world, and was shocked to see how dirty some of our drinking water really is. I read about the serious health consequences people were experiencing all because of a lack of clean water. Read more

SARA MAKBOUL - First Episode of Science & Sara

Hello you science enthusiasts!

Sara Makboul here...back on week 2 with some exciting news!

The first episode of Science & Sara is now out and better than ever. In this episode me and my mentor, Kris, share some great tips and methods for making huge decisions as a scientist. I also talk about how I'm narrowing down to choose a problem to solve by using the process of observation in the future! Read more

Rohit Mital - Problems and Solutions

There are so many problems in our world that need solving. From the hugest global problems like lack of energy, food, and water, to the smallest everyday nuisances like poor binder design, running out of pencils, and more. 

Looking around for those that affect me the most is an interesting process, because I’m blessed enough to say that I don’t have any everyday problems aside from a few nuisances every now and then. This does pose a problem because I can’t find things to choose from.         Read more

Rohan Wagh-Week 2

Hello everybody and welcome to my second blog post! Read more


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