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Amulya - Plowing Ahead

Wow, time flies by so fast! It feels like I only got started yesterday, but now it's August!

I’ve been making a lot of progess on my app, and it’s running successfully in the browser. I just need to polish it up a bit and it’ll be good to go!

In addition, my mentor, Dr. Hardy, has been so helpful. In our weekly calls, I get so many new ideas and learn how to solve existing problems that I’m having.

All this research has been hard work, but I know it’ll pay off in the end! Read more

Science, Dog-Gone It!

by Kim Moldofsky 

School is back in session (or soon will be). The dog days of summer are coming to an end, but not without a celebration of our canine companions. National Dog Day is August 26 and ought to be a real howl. Although the day is largely focused on dog adoption and welfare, it can also serve as a launching pad for scientific exploration. Read more

Arthur Frigo's Second Blog post!


Hi everyone!

So, over the last two weeks our mentors have been encouraging us to come up with several new problems to solve.  I read the news, so I got some ideas there, and sometimes, my family talks about news at dinner, so finally, I had my additional 7 problems to start researching. That’s kept me busy over the past couple weeks! Read more

Starting my Project

The choice of topic for me was simple: I love physics and astronomy, and I am captivated by space travel.  I always think about these topics. One day I was thinking about the limitations of our current spacecraft, and I realized a way that they might be solved. I did some quick calculations and realized that this configuration would be about as efficient to several times as efficient as designs we have now depending on the size of the spacecraft it was placed. Read more

Iris - Narrowing Down My Ideas

Hi, Iris here. I’m extremely excited to move forward with my project! For the past few weeks, I had been brainstorming which problems I heard about in the news, or problems I had heard people talk about in order to come up with solutions to them. It was quite difficult narrowing down my choices, because I had so many ideas for various problems, and I couldn’t decide which to move forward with. Read more


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