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Raghav Ganesh - Narrowing It Down


Welcome back!

These past few weeks have been so exciting and busy! :) I look forward to continuing to grow as I make progress in my scientific journey.

My mentor, Dr. Thunhorst, has immense amounts of experience analyzing and solving real world problems of all kinds; I’ve never met anyone who has such a wide spectrum of knowledge and who is an expert in so many areas! Read more

Start the School Year Right

by Kim Moldofsky

Ah, the smell of freshly sharpened pencils and the scent of the colorful new markers; it’s time for a new school year. Read more

Peter - Picking The Right One

Had a crazy week of reading, and making hard choices... Read more

Krishna Reddy - My Final Idea

The main factor that helped me narrow down my ideas to one was doability. Whether I could make the solution for my problem in the given amount of time and with my resources was what helped me narrow things down. Access to a 3M mentor has been helpful because I am been able to consult her if I ever need any help. She also helps to inform me of any 3M technologies that could help with my project. I feel pretty good about what I've accomplished up to this point but I feel like there is a long way to go. Read more

Conner-The Process

When trying to pick one problem to focus on, I decided that I would make a list of pros and cons in order to make the decision easier. After I had made the list, it was obvious that I had two ideas that I really wanted to pursue, but I had to decide which one was better. Read more


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