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Iris - Continuing the Journey

Hello, Iris here. For the past week, I had been making lists of pros and cons trying to finally narrow down my ideas to one. I had narrowed down my ideas to 3 that have a major impact on a ton of people. I had an extremely hard time choosing, because I knew I had to be eager to solve the problem I chose to move forward with. After hours of thought, I decided to pick the problem that personally affects me – allergies. Read more

Hannah - H2O to Go

Hello, Young Scientists!

This week, I am studying at a summer residential research camp. Seeing that our camp is called H2O to Go, our central topic is water! The camp is all about discovering new ideas, uncovering knowledge, and growing as scientists and engineers. It was amazing to discover science in a hands-on way while forming bonds with my classmates. Read more


Hello everyone,

For the past week, I narrowed my list down to three problems and then selected one to solve as my final solution. I chose them based on what I knew from my previous experience, and eliminated the ones that addressed only a limited amount of the population. Read more

Raghav Ganesh - Narrowing It Down


Welcome back!

These past few weeks have been so exciting and busy! :) I look forward to continuing to grow as I make progress in my scientific journey.

My mentor, Dr. Thunhorst, has immense amounts of experience analyzing and solving real world problems of all kinds; I’ve never met anyone who has such a wide spectrum of knowledge and who is an expert in so many areas! Read more

Start the School Year Right

by Kim Moldofsky

Ah, the smell of freshly sharpened pencils and the scent of the colorful new markers; it’s time for a new school year. Read more


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