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September 2012

Aidan - Wake Up With Al!

Hello Everybody,

I have just began my first year of school which is exciting! My project is almost finished and looks amazing! I used all types of 3M products. Read more

Chase - Proof of Concept....It Works!

Last week I took my Refugee Travois prototype to a local gathering of moms and students. Read more

Chase - Taking the travois to see the Governor

Yesterday I took my Refugee Travois to Raleigh, our state’s capital, to meet Governor Perdue. My family, including my grandparents, joined me. Also, Katie Bradigan, Discovery Education’s Director of Urban Partnerships, joined in the fun. Read more

Naren - My mentor!

Hello Everyone! I can't believe that the final event is less than a month away! I'm so excited to meet the  other finalists! Read more

Deepika - YSC Week 10: Summer Mentorship

Hey Science Enthusiasts!

I think that one of my favorite parts of the Discovery Education 3M - Young Scientist Challenge is being able to discuss my ideas and findings with a real 3M scientist. I definitely could not have come this far if it wasn't for my amazing mentor Dr. Jonza, who is really enthusiastic about helping me with my project and is ready to give advice whenever needed. Read more

Aidan - Almost Finished...

Hello Everyone,

I am glad to say my prototype is almost finished and soon it I will be able to test it! I ran into many challenges but I kept trying different solutions. Read more

Brandon - Sixth Blog

The first full week of school came to a close today. Being back at school is enjoyable, but as always, I’d much rather be working on my project all day. Read more

Gabriel - Experimentation and Ideas

Over the past few weeks I have been going wild with ideas. One of the best parts of inventing is having the ability to think what you want and have no one tell you you can’t do it. Read more

Carolyn - As I Begin to Reflect...


So far, the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge has been an amazing experience.  Although I have enjoyed so many aspects of this competition, one of my favorite parts, by far, has been working with a real 3M scientist. Read more

Anishaa - On Creation

I'm so glad I have a great mentor!

I've looked into both the chemical and electronic aspects of my project, and Dr. Free has helped me with both. Read more

Chase - Evolution of Design

Between January and now, I have made hundreds (or so it seems) of decisions about the design basics and specifics of my travois. Each aspect of the travois can be designed in multiple ways, and it’s not always easy to decipher which design is best. Read more

Patrick - Week 8

My mentor, Dr. Del, has made me think about how a scientist approaches a problem.  She shared with me how valuable consumer feedback is after you've brainstormed ideas and have focused on a solution.  Read more

Aidan - Video Blog: Doing field research (and having fun!)

Hello Everyone!

I just got back from a Boy Scout trip in Lake George, NY.

During the trip I sailed and camped on different islands.  We backpacked and sailed from island to island and it was a fun time. The weather was great except for one night of wicked storms. Read more

Chase - Further Research - A Travois for the African People

If you have done a science fair project, or if you are a researcher, there’s always a required section entitled “Further Research” at the end of your report. Read more

Naren - Building the Prototype!

My video blog is below:

Building The Prototype Read more

Anishaa - Seventh Blog - On Production

The actual process of creating this project has been mapped out and patterned. I've changed some details from my beginning idea, but right now, it's starting to look as though I've got a full plan. Read more

Deepika – YSC Week 8: The Best, The Worst and Everything In Between

Hello Scientist Enthusiasts!

Being a finalist in Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge has given me amazing opportunities. I have been given the chance to work with incredible people over the summer and communicate my ideas to 3M scientists. I have also been interviewed by newspapers. Two weeks ago, I was given another opportunity - An opportunity of a life time.

On Thursday August 16th, I received a call from the Obama campaign in New Hampshire. They had read an article about my accomplishments in the Young Scientist Challenge and said that the President would like to meet me during his campaign trip to New Hampshire. Read more


Brandon - Fifth Post

Why does time have to pass so fast when you’re having fun? I can’t believe the final event is just a mere one month and a half away. Read more

Carolyn - Experiments in Progress

Experiments in Progress

During the past several weeks I have really began diving into my project.  I have been doing all sorts fun of hands on work such as building prototypes, and developing and testing specific aspects of my innovation. Read more

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