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August 2012

Patrick - Week 7

This week, we're blogging about the best part and the worst part of our summer science experience.  The best part is that it's been like Christmas around here.  I've been receiving all sorts of new gadgets to test with. Read more

Chase - The Devil is in the Details

I’m learning that every aspect of engineering a transportation device has to be considered carefully. My Refugee Travois looks simple, but boy oh boy, the devil is in the details. Read more

Gabriel - Journey and Support

The hardest thing about this challenge has been time.  I was in summer camp for seven weeks, spent a week in New York with my grandparents, took a week vacation with my family and did a long weekend trip to Maine as well. Read more

Chase - Experiments, Experiments, and More Experiments

I have spent the past 11 days conducting experiments to ensure I choose the right materials and designs for the travois. Read more

Anin -- Materials and Procedure

Throughout this past week, I’ve been looking at the materials required to complete my project, and some of them are difficult to obtain. Read more

Naren - Research and Organization!

Check out my video blog below! Read more

Gabriel - Resources and Ideas

This week I have been exploring resources and ideas. There are so many ways of doing something that it’s hard to do it right. I've also been on the lookout for 3M materials to use in my project. Read more

Patrick - Week 6

Because consumers have issues dosing liquid medicine correctly, I did extensive searches to see if there are accurate bottle top medicine dispensers for consumers.  Read more

Brandon - Fourth Blog

Hey everyone!

I’ve been good this week. The past two weeks of Olympics have been amazing to watch. I also recently finished a camp at the Cold Spring Harbor DNA Laboratory. It was great learning more about science there, but most of my time was allotted to my project. Read more

Aidan - Week 5

Hello Everyone!

How is everyone doing? My summer has been fantastic so far! I have been doing a lot of research on different Fibonacci Sequences and patterns and I have perfected my plans for my innovation for the Challenge. Read more

Anishaa - Fifth Blog - On Decisions

There are so many things in this world that we would all like to change. There are the smaller, more petty things, like having to make our beds in the mornings or keeping all of your notebooks organized for school. Then there are the larger, more global and serious problems, like poverty, global warming, war, and other problems that make it harder to go about our everyday lives, such as vision deficiencies. Read more

Deepika – YSC Week 5: Research!

Hello Science Enthusiasts!

As I continue my journey through the summer mentorship program, I have come to the next step in the scientific method: research. Researching is one of the most tedious and important steps in creating an innovation. Read more


Anin - Experimental Design

Now that I’ve almost finalized my project idea, I’m searching for the best materials to develop it. Finding the perfect materials for my innovation is a challenge itself; for an innovation to work optimally, its building blocks (the materials) must all work well. I checked several places for the right materials (some of which were hard to find), and eventually, I finalized everything I needed. Read more

Patrick - Week 5

This week, I created an online survey using SurveyMonkey for family and friends.  The results were surprising and sent me back to the research phase. Read more

Carolyn - And More Background Research...

Over the past weeks I have been doing allot of research, but it’s all still on the computer.

Part of this research was directed to what others have done to solve a similar problem. I’m really looking forward to creating good head-to-head comparisons! Read more

Anishaa - Fourth Blog - On Collection

Hello, all! A reflection on the past week brings me to the point in which I'm almost ready. I've researched so much on the idea, and I have found no discoveries that state that my idea has been even thought of. In a way, I'm rather glad of this. Read more

Chase - Material Madness

I’ve been brainstorming and brainstorming about materials, new applications, and all sorts of fun stuff. I’ve also been doing a lot of research and starting to collect materials. Read more

Patrick - Week 4

Jacksonville, Illinois is a great location if you’re interested in research!  We have 2 four-year colleges and a junior college in our city: MacMurray College, Illinois College, and Lincoln Land Community College.  I’m finding that the key to researching is finding the right combination of key words . . . not too general but not too specific.  Read more

Gabriel - Evaluation and Emotion

On Saturday, I went to the Connecticut Science Center to drop off my invention that I used for my entry video. I think it’s really cool to have something displayed at a museum. Read more

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