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September 2011

(Final) YSC Blog 9 - [Cheyenne]

Hello there, all!  I can’t believe the YSC project is almost over already.  Time sure flies when you’re having fun.  Two days ago, NY1 came to my school to interview me.  It was so unexpected, but a great experience.  It was the first time I was ever on television.  When I came to school the next day, one of my friends said they saw me on TV! 

The worst part of this has got to be missing three days of school.  I’ll have to make up two exams and a lab, but I’ll gladly skip those for YSC.

But, the best part heavily outweighs that.  The experience has just been amazing. Read more

Final Blog: Nolan Lenard

From a note I sent Dr. Hager:

A funny thing happened yesterday. I went to several thrift stores  looking for the perfect car to hold the tag reader and bought one, but the best one was magically in my little brother's toy box. He's cranky about it, but said I can use it. It fits perfectly.


Thanks again!

Nolan Lenard Read more

Shawn Farmand- Last blog

Hi everyone, I would like to thank 3M and Discovery Education for this incredible experience. I would also like to thank Dr. Oxman, my mentor, for guiding me through the Young Scientist Challenge. I'm so excited for finally getting to meet all the finalists! My final video blog is attached!

Shawn Farmand Last Video Blog Read more

My Final Blog Post :'(

Hi there this is Jack Andraka from AMAZING MARYLAND. Anyway I still cannot believe that I fly out to St.Paul in only 3 DAYS!!! I am super super excited to meet the other 9 finalists. I'm practicing the presentation of my innovation, and while this does take up a ton of time, I still somehow manage to do all of my homework (which is really hard to do in high school). Anyway I'm giving a special shout out to my mentor Dr. Ylitalo for being the best mentor ever!!! Read more

Closing Post- Braeden Benedict

Hi everybody!

This is going to be my last blog post. This has been such a great experience for me, as I am sure it has been for all the finalists.

As I mentioned in my last video blog, my favorite part has been working on something that has real world application. I feel like my innovation has the potential to really help people. Along the way, I have learned so much about the process of innovation. I had no idea when I began how many poor ideas one must go through to find a good one. I have come to realize the truth of Thomas Edison’s saying, “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.” I had to put in so much hard work to make my idea work. Read more

YSC Final Two Weeks - Albert

I started off these two week with an intense crackdown on my prototype and rapid depletion of my cellphone minutes. I had about two hour-long conversations with Roger, a co-worker of my mentor, who helped me get a sense of what I was doing and how I was to approach my final presentation. So I'm piecing together the bits and pieces of my final online presentation and I will complement it with a short demonstration of the mechanics of my innovation.

My favorite part about this journey was the "challenge" which, after receiving insight on my limitations, I finally realized that it was building the prototype. Yet, along the way, I learned a great deal about marketing, engineering and integrating an innovation into the real world. The reason was because Roger gave me an example of a development that had died off because of either lack of funding or interest. It was then that I fully understood the difference between concept and reality. There are so many great concepts that have not been made reality. Read more

Austin Curtis - Final Week

This will be my last blog entry.
I've had fun doing this project over the summer (and through school) and I am excited about the trip to the finals in Minneapolis. Read more

Week 10- Braeden Benedict

In this video blog post, I will be showing you some of the testing I have conducted. I had to split the video into five parts to upload it, but it's all here.

In the videos from the testing at Gunther's Athletics, you will see Jose. He works at Gunther's Athletics and helped me operate the testing equipment. He was a huge help with the testing and made the whole process go smothly. Thanks, Jose!

I hope you enjoy the video... Read more


Young Scientist Challenge Video Blog #2


Here's another Video Blog! It's on what this Young Scientist Challenge experience has taught me. Thank you!! Read more

Recognition by John

Being a top 10 finalist has taken me many places that I never thought I would be. I was interviewed on my local news network WPSD. They asked me questions about the challenge and my project. It was very exciting and interesting to watch the broadcast from the studio. Read more

My model - John Holtgrewe

I have started building my model, and so far it is coming along great. I am using a number of 3M products to help me build the model, for example a respirator mask and sandpaper. I am learning modeling and building techniques, and I got to use a number of tools like a scroll saw. Read more

Video Blog- Shawn Farmand

Hi Everyone,

This is my final video blog before the final event in October! It's been an amazing journey!

Video Blog 3 Read more

Video Blog #3 - Divya

I can't wait until the final event in October!!! I'm finishing up my project and getting ready for the final presentation. The webinar about the different programs to use for the final presentation was very helpful.

Here is my 3rd video blog (it's split into two parts) about how exciting my journey with the Young ScientistsChallenge has been so far! It keeps getting better!

Blog #6.1 2.0mb Read more

Blog 8:Nolan Lenard

I think I'll use powerpoint to make my basic presentation, and then import it into Sliderocket. Sliderocket has some interesting transitions.

This year in BEST robotics we have 50 schools competing. The theme is "Don't Bug Me", which could be computer bugs, "bugs" that cause disease, or actual bugs.  They'll reveal it to us this coming Saturday!

blog913 Read more

Flowcharts by John

I took a step back from the project and acted like I did not know what it was about. I wanted to ask questions that would help define how things would work and how it might need to function for the user by creating a flow chart.

A flow chart is used to connect ideas. The flowcharts that I posted earlier show how my product will function, like the chain of events of how it's used. It also shows what I believe the user will need. The other picture shows a brainstorm of the product. Read more

YSC Blog 8 – [Cheyenne]

Summer has finally come to an end, and looking back, I feel a little accomplished at seeing how much I got done. However, the worst is yet to come, as school is about to turn tough, and I will have an extremely difficult time juggling schoolwork, YSC, and extracurriculars.

Another factor in my frustration is the weather, which plays a small part in my experiment.  Unfortunately, we can’t control nature’s forces, so the only way I can get my experiment done is to be patient and wait for favorable circumstances.  I had planned for last weekend, but hurricane Irene blew in and pushed it back a few weeks. Read more

My summer mentorship journey so far

So far my summer mentorship program has been going great and I've learned so much about science and my passion for science, engineering, technology, and math has swelled to greater proportions. The best part about the process so far has probably been bouncing ideas off of my mentor and beginning to think like a scientist. The most challenging part of my summer mentorship program has been having to think outside the box about innovations and how to test them. It was really challenging to begin thinking about innovations for this competition instead of the typical university research that I do for science fairs. Read more

Young Scientist Challenge Week 9

I will upload a new video blog when I get my materials next week!

As of now, this is just pretty much writing. So far the best part of the process so far has been the research. There are so many different ways people could use a potential product and each approach has its own unique quality. When I get my prototype parts then it'll take me quite a while to program and to get it functionally operating within a few weeks. In the mean time, I will start building my presentation as I've had a great deal of time to think about my innovation and expand it. Read more

Divya's Blog #5

Hi everybody! My school started a couple of weeks ago. Balancing YSC and schoolwork is getting more and more challenging by the day. Here is my video that tells a little bit about my view on some parts of the scientific method and my YSC experience so far.

Video Blog 2 (Blog #5) Read more


Blog 6- Shawn Farmand

After all of the natural disasters that happened in our area lately, including an earthquake, a hurricane, power outages, flooding, water damage in my house, etc., I'm back! For the last couple of weeks I have been working on my in vivo experiments, the hard part was to find people that would go through the whole experiment.  My in vitro testing is also done. All of my results support my hypothesis. Read more

Blog 7- Nolan Lenard

This past week school started. I am making final preparations to my project and starting my presentation. Here's my video blog!

videoblog3 Read more

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