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Mythri - Invention is 20% Research, 30% Creativity and 50% Innovation!!!

Internet, the backbone of modern technology. Internet is what makes most things possible. This week, as I have been continuing my research, I have come to realize the immense value of the irreplaceable internet. As I have been researching the formulae behind complex scientific equations, I have found myself relying more and more on this marvelous invention.

Researching about my invention was rather complicated because many unsuccessful attempts have been made in the past to achieve similar goals.  Through the research on these past failed attempts, I learned a lot about what not to do and the pitfalls to avoid. But it was very difficult to find tips on what to do. In the end, my trials and errors and my trials and tribulations worked out in my favor because I came up with an innovative design by myself. 

Now that I had finalized the general design of the invention, I still had to figure out the physical and chemical intricacies of my invention. This, of course, required the use of my new best friend, the internet. I came up with the equations for vital chemical reactions that I am planning to implement. Then, I balanced the equations in order to get an approximate idea of the ratios of chemicals I should be using. After verifying the accuracy of the equations by using the internet, I developed a newfound confidence.

In addition to this research about chemical equations, I also conducted research about 3M products I could use in my invention. To my amazement, I found a huge collection of incredible products that were simply perfect for my design. After sorting through the inventory, I contacted my mentor, Dr. Ali, who gave me  invaluable advice on the 3M materials and promptly shipped several 3M products for me to use. Just today, I excitedly opened the package of materials that she sent me. 

Now, I look forward to building and testing my design and having a lot of fun experimenting. That is what science is all about!

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