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I had a very busy week which included going to Santa Catalina Island on Wednesday with my father and some friends. We went to the island by boat and once we got there, we rented a motor boat to go skin diving. We saw a variety of fish, dolphins, seals and even a shark!  We also toured around the island on golf carts.  The whole day was a blast!

This past week has also been great for my project.  Since I decided to continue my old project,

I have been working hard to try to improve it.Part of my process to improve my project is to think about how my target audience would like the product to be improved or how it would affect them. I spoke to my mentor, Dr. Moran, about my process and she mentioned that I was using a process similar to the LEAN process. I decided to research the LEAN process and found that many companies have used the process to help them develop successful products. Another important idea in the LEAN process is continuous improvement. When I create a new model I review the features and issues and determine which parts that I would like to improve. Even though I would like to improve all of the features, I know that I have a limited timeframe and have to choose the more important ones. The next step is research and analysis. While researching, I look for ideas and technologies that I believe could potentially help to improve the specific features I identified.


This past week I have been researching new technologies and ways that I can improve my original model. I have also prioritized many of the features that I would like to improve in this new version. I have ordered and received some of the parts that I may use in my new model. I have also created some designs.  I can’t wait to get the parts I ordered and start testing them out to see if I will be able to use them to improve my project.

My favorite activity is playing basketball.  In trying to improve our team and take it to the next level, I realized that our basketball coaches use a similar continuous improvement process. The coaches identify areas where we can improve and show us how to perform specific skills better. The players practice and if we are able to master the new techniques, we use them in the games. My mentor, Dr. Moran, has been a lot like a coach for me in this summer mentorship program. With her help, I hope to take my science game to the next level!

I am having a great summer and I hope the other contestants are having as good a time as I am!

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