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Hello everyone,

To focus on one research problem to start working on, I had three ideas in mind. All three were legitimate ideas to begin with, but the one that I believed to be both feasible and had the greatest impact on the world was my idea on hydroplaning.

After researching my first idea for a solution, I discovered that this idea was already patented twice before. After discussing this finding with my mentor, I realized that this idea had already been thought out thoroughly by other people. I also realized that if this idea had been patented twice 

before but isn't being used in the real world, this solution might not be very effective. This is why I decided to give my other solution more consideration.

After researching my second idea for a solution, I found that there aren't any patents on this new idea. Also after discussing this new idea with my mentor, he helped me decide that the design of my new idea would be much better to experiment.

In conclusion, the biggest factor in my decision to choose my research project was that I found hydroplaning to be a problem that has the greatest real life application. Hydroplaning has the greatest impact on the most amount of people because it saves lives from slick, wet roads, which is a common and global issue. Also, the biggest factor in my decision to choose my current idea for solution is that it is a new concept that I believe hasn't been patented. In addition, my new idea considers the use of several different types of materials, which I can incorporate 3M technology and products for later. This is also a reason that this solution is a more creative idea than my first solution. I think I will be able to carry out experimentation in a more orderly fashion and on my own, since I narrowed down the type of material I want to use for this solution.

I feel very accomplished with my decisions so far, especially because I feel like I will be able to make new progress in combatting the problem of hydroplaning. At first, I was a little disappointed because my first idea had already been thought of by another person and had received 2 patents. However, I feel like I've found a new solution I can test in the time frame of this challenge to make a difference in the real world.


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