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It was really nice communicating with and getting to know my mentor this week!

I actually found this contest being inspired by my older sister who just recently had won a few science competitions for high schoolers. She made me want to go to a great college and win a scholarship like her. So my parents and I started to look for different scholarships for middle school and I found the young scientist challenge.

The entry video wasn’t really that hard, I had been on stage a lot, so that part was easy. The really hard part was to come up with how to make my idea work and making a working house with Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP). I made many attempts to find a good clear material to mix my GFP into and to figure out the way to make this clear polymer dry in the form I needed. When I used the foil to shape the polymer, the polymer got stuck to the foil when it dried. When I put it into clay, it got cloudy. Finally the regular play-dough did a great job and the polymer came out easily, stay transparent, although it got a slight tone of blue when I used blue play-dough. 

Then came the waiting, I hoped that I would at least get state merit. To my surprise, being picked up from summer camp, I heard from my dad that young scientist challenge had very exciting news for me. It turned out that I made the top 10! At that point my parents and I were very happy for what would happen next and we still are! Now all I hope is that the effort I put in will pay off and I will use that money to get into a great college and university so that I can continue my passion for architecture.

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