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Enjoying the beach and thinking of natural materials in architecture

I finally came back from an epic summer vacation and I’m ready to do my project!

I have always loved architecture and when I participate in any kind of contest I always think about something related to architecture. I am constantly thinking about and paying attention to the problems people come across in architecture of modern life, so it was not hard for me to name some. For example, many houses nowadays are less and less close to nature, our architecture today is becoming square, similar and not creative, and city people can suffer a lot of stress from gloomy buildings. Furthermore, once a house is built it cannot simply be changed without destruction and rebuilding.

When it came to my entry project, I tried to address one of these problems by bringing biology into architecture to invent a new and novel natural material to use in ecofriendly buildings. Now that I’m working on a new project, I have narrowed down the problems I want to try to solve to two; one continuing to explore the idea of natural components to save the energy and reduce the stress of living in an artificial environment. The other idea has taken a different step to explore the ability of new materials to change the look of the buildings instantly without rebuilding it.

I think curiosity and just the fact the people want to change the world to a better place has led many great people to come up with different interesting ideas. From my own experience, before coming up with any idea I would think whether I can make this better for the world and what is the best way to do so. I think this is what motivates scientists at 3M, the fact people want to change the world for the better, to help people and animals, and the fact that people are… well… curious about the Nature.

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