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Hi everybody, Jai here! I hope everyone is having a great summer! I have been hard at work looking at various problems that I would love to solve in the future. Of all of the problems that I identified, the one that I feel most strongly about, is air pollution.

This past week, I have been doing a lot of research on air pollution, especially in developing countries like India. I'm focused on finding a solution to the problem of air pollution because of its effect on my grandparents. The article below was especially helpful on that matter.
I have been discussing with my mentor, Dr. Kris Thunhorst, on how to take my solution forward. She has been so encouraging and amazing! I am really gaining from my time with Dr. Thunhorst because she’s also been teaching me how to think when you are trying to solve a specific problem. For example, you might find something in your research that seems relevant, but only when you look at the bigger picture do you realize that in order to find a solution, you really need to specify the different parts of your problem.

I have been researching various types of pollutants that I want to remove and honing in on the ones that will be most important to indoor pollution in developing countries. Now I see that the problems in developing countries are very different than ours.

Learning about the scientific method of approaching a problem has been a true opportunity. I am very excited for my next phase of research after my conversation with my mentor. This is a challenging problem because of the scope and various aspects that I have to look into. My mind is bubbling with ideas. So many ideas… So little time!

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