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The start of the mentorship for one of the top ten finalists is off to a great start! This is my first year participating in this program and I have already been impressed with the overall organization and communications between participants. The publicity for 3M through this program is great and gives the mentors the opportunity to directly interact with and influence the next generation of scientists! I certainly believe in the power of giving back to others because I didn’t get to where I am now in my career by doing it all on my own. Several teachers, professors, mentors along the way took time out of their schedules to talk with my about what I wanted to do as a profession and encouraged me to really look at my strengths, which naturally were in math and science. Deciding to major in Chemistry in college was a great decision (influenced by my high school Chemistry teacher, Mr. Bailey) because it led me to pursue any type of physical science profession after college (pharmacy, medical school, graduate school, teaching, etc). Even at 3M, mentoring is such an important part of a successful career and it definitely serves as a two-way street. I’m very much looking forward to starting my journey with Nikita in this year’s 3M Discovery Education Challenge!

--Dr. Mary Caruso Dailey is a Product Development Specialist in the Industrial Business Group at 3M.

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