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Hello everyone,
I am starting to begin trying to solve my problem I have decided on, however, I had to go through long steps of narrowing down my list of problems.

To begin with a topic to start working on, I had to come up with a list of potential ideas that could be the topic of my research.

It was hard to decide on which problem to solve, since there are so many ways to solve specific problems. To make it easier to eliminate ideas, I wrote down all the problems I wanted to solve in a list. After eliminating some ideas, I had to come down to three, and that’s where I had to decide which topic I should choose.

Once I got my top three problems down, I had to select which one I would focus on the most, or in other words, be the topic of my project. I wanted to choose the idea that had the greatest impact on the world, and I finally narrowed down my first list of problems into one idea.

Right now I am trying to find how to prevent the cause of my worldwide problem. However arduous the task, persistence is the key to completing any task, such as solving a worldwide problem. I found out that my first solution to solving my problem had already been taken, so in response to that, I created a second solution; I do not think this new idea has been taken, so I am doing further research on how it is going. Because I kept on trying to think of new ideas, I finally found another solution to my problem.

I believe that 3M scientists are motivated by the fact that they have a chance to create a innovation or tool that can do something significant for everybody. Maybe this is my chance to create one too.

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