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Hello everyone,

I was inspired to enter this contest because I wanted a chance to save a lot of lives all around the world. To show that I could save lots of lives, I entered this competition so that I could create a video about how my innovation could be put into good use. While creating the video, I felt nervous because I didn’t know how I would be interpreted by the people and the judges watching my video. Near the finish of creating the video, however, I felt really excited. After I finished uploading the video, I was just awaiting the day that would inform me that I had become one of the top 10 finalists in the US. Finally, that day did come, and I was so happy; not only that, but I also felt accomplished. My family and friends congratulated me, and I could tell that my family was not only happy, but also proud of me. I am happy to continue creating an innovation, but if I end up winning this competition, I would not like to stop here. In the future, I would like to meet with a car company owner and some how apply my innovation to their cars, truly saving lots of lives all around the world.

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